"We want to see all artists make money and sustain a living off of their work" 

- Kwaku Agyemang, Co-Founder of Toronto Tastemakers


Our work

Toronto Tastemakers as an organization with our mandate being that we equip creatives in the city with the necessary tools to excel in their fields. We operate under 4 branches that include, events, community, productions and creative consulting

Events - Our events contain a large element of entertainment inclusive of opportunities for artists and creatives in the city to be engaged, providing them a stage and platform to interpolate and disseminate their work.

Community - We engage the creative community through roundtable discussions, charitable initiatives and journalistic endeavors (blogs, articles, news, etc). This is our research to ensure we remain culturally relevant along with achieving constant growth.

Productions -  Our organization Toronto Tastemakers has been hired as producers for several films. We possess an innate ability to run operations, administration and fundraising for filmmakers. Fees charged to filmmakers for production services are done accordingly to budget and a film’s potential impact.

Creative Consulting -  Toronto Tastemakers offers creative consulting services. No matter the type of work within the creative industry whether it be music, filmmaking, photography, visual arts, events, performance arts and more. We provide expertise, exemplary decision making, opportunities along with innovative direction that will assist  in marketing and branding, financial consulting, artistic development, ideation consulting, content curation and creative direction.

We want to teach artists the importance of viewing their art as a product is actually empowering their creativity.
— Sam Adebisi, Co-Founder of Toronto Tastemakers

What We've Achieved

  • Hosted a film and entertainment industry panel and networking event with top industry leaders on panel
  • Held a roundtable discussion on challenges faced by black creatives in Toronto
  • Produced several short-films
  • Provided creative consulting for various artists, organizations and collectives